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Matching Funds - HELP

Sad to say but we have a huge debt. Lesson learned, get everything in writing. To his credit though the owner of our facility is offering 2 dollars for every dollar we give.

We are believing for this Goliath to be defeated not only for ourselves but for everyone who would sow with us. This injustice must bow and debt be removed for us and for you our faithful friends & partners!

Thank you!!! on ONLINE GIVING above... $85K will do it!

We have until July 30th

July 01 - 31

God Secrets

Thursday, August 3rd @7PM we will be drinking in and sharing our thoughts on Shawn Bolz new book God Secrets, in a small group format!

We will take 9 weeks, attempting to look at one chapter a week (I did add one extra week as there are only 8 chapters). I haven’t yet seen the workbook but Shawn said it can be a standalone study. We will use both, but you’ll only need to purchase the book. It’s available on amazon or at bolz ministries.

Let us know if you are interested and we will keep you updated

August 03 - Sep 28
7:00 PM to 8:30 PM